During my brief trip to Belfast last weekend I had the chance to visit the Lowden Guitar factory just south of Belfast in Downpatrick. George Lowden has been making guitars since the 70s, the instruments he builds are arguably the best in the world. They are not the biggest maker in the world, but that's only because of an unrelenting focus on craftsmanship and quality. These are handbuilt works of art.

I was introduced to the Lowden magic through my friend and collaborator Iain Archer who has a few of these bad boys. I'm pretty sure I've used one of Iain's Lowdens on everything I've ever recorded. It only takes one strum to get hooked. I got my very own Lowden a few months back. It's the best thing ever. I am very proud to be part of the Lowden family.

All this to say I was very excited to visit the factory and see the process behind these incredible guitars.